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Alterations Services

As well as making bespoke dresses, Clem also offers an alteration service. If you have purchased a wedding gown, it is quite usual for it to need a bit of adjustment at the seams and hem to create the perfect fit, as most dresses are made in standard sizes which may not correspond to your shape.

Alternatively, you may be considering buying a second-hand gown, or wearing one that has been kept in the family, particularly if finances are limited or you are aiming for an eco-friendly wedding. Clem will be happy to alter the dress to fit, and, if desired, change or add details to personalise it. Please bear in mind that it is usually easier to take a dress down a size or two, although if you want to wear a dress that is currently too small, there may be ways to make it bigger, such as putting in a lace-up back. Clem will be able to advise you as to what is possible.

Clem will also alter bridesmaid dresses and evening dresses, or any garment that never gets worn ‘because it isn’t quite right’. Sometimes it only takes a little adjustment in fit or detail to turn it into a firm favourite. And if you always find that off-the-peg clothes are the wrong shape for you, Clem will be able to solve your problems.
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